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I remember the time I arranged a tour to Uganda last year, little did I know that consultation was ideal for me for a great and memorable tour, my question was “which organization I should contact for a valuable advice?”, here the answer came after a vigorous research on the different website and an opportunity made me to land on a (4×4 Car Hire Uganda) a website belonging to Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited basically know for providing a fleet of cars that clients choose from depending on their budgets and size of people one is planning to travel with.

Among the 4×4 Car Rentals in Uganda included Toyota Rav4 at $48, Land Cruiser TZ at $70, Land cruiser at $90, Coaster Bus at $190, Toyota Cruiser at $90, Safari Cruiser at $200, Super Custom at $70, Prado Cruiser at $70, Safari Van at $90, Toyota Nissan at $90, Toyota Hillux at $90 and Land Cruiser V8 at $170 USD and all these rates are for per day and this excludes fuel. Since I wanted to come with my family, I didn’t hesitate to hire a Land cruiser TZ for our tour. After contacting Moses, we negotiated in all aspects and he booked for me all the permits for the two parks I was to visit.

Parks included Lake Mburo National Park where we were to do a Boat Launch and Bwindi Impenetrable national park for gorilla tracking. The following are the rates that were charged from us in the different parks as Moses advised us, Vehicle park entrance $ 12, Boat trip at Lake Mburo $15 @person,  and a gorilla permit at $600 per individual. It was an evening when we landed at Entebbe Airport, Moses presented us a Car we had booked and he gave us all the receipts for the different lodges and the permits. We signed a car hire agreement and we drove our car to Speke Hotel where we slept.

The next day early in the morning we traveled Lake Mburo national park which is in the west of Kampala, this took us about 5hour from Kampala to the park and we staged at Mihingo lodge where we even had lunch from. In the evening at around 5pm, we went for a launch trip which gave us a spectacular view of Buffaloes, crocodiles, colorful kingfishers, magnificent fish Eagle, hippos and Hammerkops. This took us 2hours while enjoying the soothing weather on the beautiful waters of Lake Mburo deep in the papyrus swamps.

In the late evening, we went back to the lodge for an overnight since we had finished our package here at the park. Early in the morning we kicked off our journey to the south western Uganda to Bwindi Impenetrable, we had our rest at Chameleon Hill Lodge at Nkuringo sector since the time we reached is not the recommendable and accepted time to start gorilla tracking. We enjoyed some of the free services at the lodge including a Dstv, free parking space and security and free WI-FI access.

The next day we drove our Land cruiser to the park, on reaching the park, we registered and we were briefed by the rangers. On request and some charges, we were given two park rangers who were to guide us during our tracking. Unfortunately we had our young child who was a 7 years old. This was prohibited from tracking because of the emergency purposes and he remained at the park headquarters. We had packed all the edibles, we left some with our kid and the rest we went with them to the bush.

Since we stayed at Nkuringo sector, even the permits we had bought were for tracking the Nkuringo gorilla family. This gave us a hard time due to the thickness and the coldness which is in the forest. It took us 6hours in the forest to trace for the gorillas to the extent that my wife requested to first take lunch to proceed with the tracking. Fortunately the place where we had our lunch was a play ground for gorilla babies and this time around they had come to enjoy their territory. Few minute we had some sounds behind us which insinuated our ranger to alert us.

We observed a large mountain gorilla which amused us as it was leading its family; it sat aside as it was observing what taking place was taking place. It gave us an eagle eye. But since we were told all the rules governing gorilla tracking, we took photos and indeed this was so fantastic and it gave us a nice experience. We came back to the headquarter tired but we had to find our child. We embarked into our vehicle and we went to Chameleon Hill Lodge for a rest.

The next day early in the morning we started the journey back to Kampala but it was so hectic and stressful to drive more than 500km, we reached in the evening in Kampala, here we went back to our earlier booked hotel where we bases to go to Entebbe the following day for our departure. Before departure we had to give in the hired vehicle to the owners plus all the spare parts that was given to us. Un lucky we had lost some of the tools but this wasn’t a big deal since they handled us well and we paid for them since they were in our control but the journey we had with a 4×4 Land Cruiser TX, TZ was so amazing due to the happiness my family had.

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Another major eruption of the volcano began on January 17, 2002, after several months of increased seismic and fumarolic activity. A 13 km fissure opened in the south flank of the volcano, spreading in a few hours from 2800 m to 1550 m elevation and reaching the outskirts of the city of Goma, the provincial capital on the northern shore of Lake Kivu.

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