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Are you planning for a very affordable Congo gorilla tours and Nyiragongo Hike? Below are listed typical African local safari companies offering affordable Eco tours in Congo and out of the profit made they support local communities through creating job opportunities. Most of the trips they sale out they make sure that local porters are employed to carry clients belongings to use at the top of the mountain. Listed below are the trusted companies to customize purely your Congo safari or combined safaris visiting the 3 countries offering mountain gorillas (Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda), more so these safari companies can help you customize for you trip visiting wildlife in Kenya, Tanzania – Zanzibar, Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro – Rwenzori – Uganda and then to the Nyiragongo with the boiling Lava Lake.


Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Ltd

Phone: +256-751-915-622

Najja Shopping Centre, Entebbe Road

Kampala – Uganda

Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited is a local tour operator company offering tailored, self drive, escorted tours throughout East Africa. Most of the trips offered are professional which include the primates and wildlife photography, sustainable or responsible tours visiting mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo which also offers the Eastern Lowland gorillas. This company run Eco tourism trips and for the years it has worked in Africa it has been advocating to reduce human – wildlife conflict and it has come up with the a new model forming the Non – Governmental Organization known as E4P – Africa which is so much open to everyone with the interest to support the human and wildlife conservation work!


Nature Adventure Uganda

Najja Shopping Centre, Entebbe Road

Kampala – Uganda

Nature Adventure Uganda is an online showcase website managed by Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited selling affordable Eco tours in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Most of the trips sold include visiting the mountain and lowland gorillas, wildlife, people, and culture and sightseeing landscapes, hiking the mount Nyiragongo in Virunga – Congo and Rwenzori in Uganda. If you are looking for the affordable safari in any of the country mentioned book with us!


Rwanda Gorilla Safaris

Phone: +256-777-686-925

God is Able, Rwanda – Remera, Kigali Airport Road

Kigali – Rwanda

This is among the best companies in Rwanda offering the affordable gorilla safaris in Volcanoes National Park. All the trips offered starts from 1 – 2 – 3 day to up 7 day safari, also with the assistance of Africa Travel Experts working with this company will customize for your gorilla expeditions that is gorilla trips in Virunga, Mgahinga & Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.


Gorilla Safaris Tours

Phone: +256-789-027-021

Najja Shopping Centre, Entebbe Road

Kampala – Uganda

Gorilla Safaris Tours is here to help you customize your tailor made safaris in Africa. For any traveler looking for the best information about gorillas in Africa and how to plan such holiday we are here to help you plan your unforgettable gorilla and wildlife holiday. Gorilla Safaris Tours not only offers safaris to clients but also promotes gorilla conservation programs and this is done through customizing volunteer trips to primates and animal sanctuaries like Ngamba Islands in Lake Victoria, Uganda, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Karisoke Research Center in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda and Senkwenkwe Gorilla Orphanage Center in Virunga National Park and also to the Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Kahuzi Biega National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo. More so all clients who take our safaris can have the conservation lecture from the gorilla doctors ‘offices in Uganda and Rwanda.


Eco Tours Rwanda

God is Able, Rwanda – Remera, Kigali Airport Road

Kigali – Rwanda

Are you planning for Eco Tours in Rwanda? We are here to help you customize for you trips of your choice visiting the gorilla, chimpanzee, wildlife, people and culture in Rwanda. Our trips starts with the visit to the Kigali genocide memorials, crafts markets like Caplaki and other local markets which showcase the culture and generating income to improve the lives of the local communities. All our customized tours in Rwanda combine the visit to the cultural sites, primate tours, canopy walks, nature walks, and beach holidays and do not miss the Iby’iwacu Cultural Village where you can experience the Rwanda cultural performances done by the once gorilla hunters and now eco tourism warriors.


Ugandan Tour

Najja Shopping Centre, Entebbe Road

Kampala – Uganda

Are you planning to visit Uganda for the wide variety of tourism products? Ugandan tour is here to help you to advise the best trip to take and from where, all our tours are designed to suit clients demand and all the trips are tailor made and designed staying in Eco friendly lodges and exclusive camps designed in African safari style with African decor art and crafts. After all our Ugandan tours we take you to local villages and you will participate in our conservation programs that we conduct like teaching local people through community based tourism projects to save environmental resources!


Budget Gorilla Trekking

Najjanankumbi, Entebbe Road

Kampala – Uganda

For Budget travelers to Africa and interested to take affordable gorilla safari. Book with budget gorilla trekking which offers these trips in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Whether you are alone or more we shall offer a gorilla safari that best fits into your budget and whether you want full package or half way trip we can offer you that is best fits into your priority and in this we can arrange for you a trip that includes the gorilla permit or that without the permit and we cater for the accommodation and transfer services.


4x4Car Hire Rwanda

This is a very reputable car rental agency in Rwanda with offices in Kigali at St Peters Building offering all types of car rental fleets to tourists with interest to discover Rwanda on their own pace. All cars offered are 4×4 WD and our rates are so much competitive which starts as low as $ 50 USD per day for long rental and there is much more prizes you can enjoy when you book a car from us in Kigali. We can deliver to you, your booked car to any town of Rwanda and our cars can cross to Uganda for your holiday.


4x4Car Hire Uganda

Phone: +256-789-027-021

Najja Shopping Centre, Entebbe Road

Kampala – Uganda

This is a car rental agency with offices in Kampala, Najjanankumbi Entebbe Road and this agency is here to solve all your self drive holiday needs visiting Uganda National Parks and Reserves and vehicles offered are 4×4 WD which include the Rav4, Premio, Land Cruiser TZ, TX, GX, Super Custom and Vans, Toyota Safari Land Cruiser. All our cars are allowed to visit others East African National Park regions like Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi and our quotes are so competitive and you can book with our African Travel Experts who will help you to customize your route in Africa. Book with our competitive quote as low as $ 45 USD for SUV fleet and $ 60 USD for the big vehicle.

Other Popular Mountains

Africa is much known to be the gateway for your safari, and visiting primates, wildlife, birds, people and culture is much popular. Today Visit Nyiragongo is here to show you the other expeditions you can experience in Africa, first you will know what is and where is Nyiragongo Volcano? what to know before you visit the mountain. Therefore, as you plan to hike Nyiragongo there is other mountains like Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Rwenzori, Elgon in Uganda and Mount Meru in Kenya and if you are interest to visit them too our Africa Travel Experts are here to help you customize these expeditions. More so Nyiragongo is situated in Virunga National Park, which also offers other mountains like Mikeno, Karisimbi, Bisoke, Muhabura, Gahinga and Sabyinyo and you can hike all of these mountains while on your African Expeditions.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro, with its three volcanic cones, "Kibo", "Mawenzi", and "Shira", is a dormant volcano in Tanzania. It is the highest mountain in Africa, and rises approximately 4,900 m from its base to 5,895 metres above sea level.

Rwenzori Mountains

The Rwenzori Mountains, previously called the Ruwenzori Range, and sometimes the Mountains of the Moon, is a mountain range of eastern equatorial Africa, located on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon is an extinct shield volcano on the border of Uganda and Kenya, north of Kisumu and west of Kitale. The mountain's highest point, named "Wagagai", is located entirely within the country of Uganda.

Mount Meru

The City of Meru is linked to Nairobi by a paved road, whether from the south around the east side of Mount Kenya, via Embu, or from the northwest around the west and north side of Mount Kenya, via Nanyuki and Timau.

Nyiragongo Updates

Another major eruption of the volcano began on January 17, 2002, after several months of increased seismic and fumarolic activity. A 13 km fissure opened in the south flank of the volcano, spreading in a few hours from 2800 m to 1550 m elevation and reaching the outskirts of the city of Goma, the provincial capital on the northern shore of Lake Kivu.

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